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Bats at the Library
illustrations by Brian Lies

A New York Times Bestseller!


Another inky evening’s here —
The air is cool and calm and clear.
Can it be true? Oh, can it be?
Yes! —Bat Night at the library!

About the Book

Bats at the Beach showed you the fun of “bugmallows,” bat kites, and midnight picnics. Now let the awardwinning author and illustrator Brian Lies take you on a batty journey to the library.

Bats at the Library (August 2008) is a sweeping literary adventure. Follow the bats as they delight in the wonders of the library and the sheer bliss of books! Parents, teachers, kids, and, of course, librarians will delight in this simple, charming tale of an evening spent discovering the magic of stories, done in the incomparable style of the award-winning author and illustrator Brian Lies.

About the Author

Brian Lies has loved libraries and books since he was little, and when he travels, he rarely misses an opportunity to explore the local library. Visit www.BrianLies.com to learn more about the author and his books.

Advance Praise for Bats at the Library

"As with its predecessor, this book's richly detailed chiaroscuro paintings find considerable humor at the intersection where bat and human behavior meet. But the author/artist outdoes himself: the library-after-dark setting works a magic all its own, taking Lies and his audience to an intensely personal place."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

"In this latest from Lies, it's all-deservingly-about the artwork. He brings a sure, expressive and transporting hand to this story of a colony of bats paying a nighttime visit to a small-town library."—Kirkus Reviews

"Dark, inky acrylic paintings accompany a sprightly rhyming text, a wonderful sequel to 2006's completely charming Bats at the Beach."—Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The illustrations capture the joy of this adventure."—Toledo Blade

"This is the kind of picture book that makes me want to have children for the sole purpose of reading it to them again and again... but in the meantime, I'll read to anyone who'll listen."—Watermark Books in Kansas

"...the sequel surpasses the original... The words are rhythmic and as a reader I was torn between wanting to study the illustrations or turn the page to read next sentence. This book will be a classic."—Booky Kids Blog

2008 Tour for Brian Lies

Winging his way to a city near you!

New York Times Bestselling Author and Illustrator Brian Lies and Bats at the Library
Fall Tour 2008

Washington, DC

Throw Your Own Bats Event!

Want to throw a fabulous turnkey event
at your store or library?

Download your own Bats at the Library event kit, complete with:
· word search, crossword puzzle, and coloring sheet
· scavenger hunt template and markers
· custom bat clings
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