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The American Heritage® College Thesaurus, First Edition

About the Book

What brand of reference work is synonymous with innovation, authority, and superior quality? The widely acclaimed American Heritage® Dictionaries. Now from the respected editors of America's favorite reference line comes a brand-new thesaurus for students and writers of all backgrounds. The American Heritage® College Thesaurus is the only one on the market that offers its users both a wide selection of synonyms and a close focus on meaning and nuance. Now exemplary writing is within reach for even the most fainéant (lazy) writers. Look for:

• More than 20,000 headwords and 165,000 synonyms in an easy-to-use A–Z format
• An extensive array of synonyms grouped by clear definitions — no need to sort through long lists of obscurely related terms
• Cross-references among closely related entries to ensure that users find exactly the information they need
• Core Synonym Paragraphs that provide readers with an explanation of the different nuances in meaning among important synonyms
• Slang, informal, and regional words
• Quotes and example phrases for every synonym discussed in a Core Synonym Paragraph

Word mavens and fledgling writers alike will find what they are looking for in these pages. Thumbing through, it's clear how distinct this thesaurus is from the usual fare; more than just a grab bag of synonyms, it's a volume aimed at inspiring more precise, creative, informed, and effective writing.

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