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The American HeritageŽ College Dictionary, Fourth Edition

The gift for outgoing seniors, incoming freshmen, and students of life

About the Book

Those crisp autumn days are fast approaching, and as you cram the duvet, sweaters, and iPod into the family station wagon bound for those hallowed halls of higher learning, make sure there's space for the newly revised Fourth Edition of the American Heritage® College Dictionary. There is no more important book for college students to own than an accurate, up-to-date dictionary. But which one is best for today's crop of incoming first-year students? That's easy. Clear and accessible definitions, broad coverage of all subject areas, expert usage advice, and a wealth of illustrative material make the American Heritage® College Dictionary. must-have dictionary for every dorm room, home library, office reference shelf, and desktop.

One way to judge a dictionary is by how well it reflects the latest trends in such areas as science, technology, medicine, and social and political developments, areas of particular importance to students writing research papers or completing difficult reading assignments. Here are just a few of the thousands of new terms that make the Fourth Edition the most up-to-date dictionary you can buy:

access card
Amber Alert
big crunch

hot Jupiter
human shield
near Earth object

Qi Gong

In addition, familiar words often take on new meanings in response to a changing world. Among the many such meanings included in the Fourth Edition of the American Heritage® College Dictionary are the national security sense of chatter, the military sense of embed, and the computer sense of rip.

The biographical entries have been expanded as well. Look for newly prominent people such as Serena and Venus Williams, Donald Rumsfeld, Lance Armstrong, and both the outgoing poet laureate Billy Collins and the incoming laureate Louise Glück. And newly updated currency entries reflect the official adoption of the euro among participating European Union countries.

Best of all, this brand-new edition boasts a FREE fully loadable CD-ROM (Windows® and Macintosh® compatible) containing not only the full text of the American Heritage® Dictionary, Fourth Edition with audio pronunciations, but also the college-level Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition with over 260,000 synonyms.

Comprehensive, authoritative, and absolutely essential, the latest edition of the American Heritage® College Dictionary — complete with its value-added CD-ROM — is the must-have reference tool for every dorm-room desk and desktop.

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