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illustrated by KRISTIN SORRA

What kind of trouble will Waltur get himself into—and out of—this time?

About the Book

“Pull,” said Waltur, “Pull faster.”
The horse looked around at Waltur.
“You are a bear,” said the horse.
“You are heavy.”

“Pull,” Waltur said again. “Pull faster.”
The horse stopped.
“You’re so smart,” said the horse,
you pull the cart!”

“I have a better idea,” said Waltur.
He unhitched the cart and moved it
to the front of the horse.
“Push,” he said. “Push fast.”

Waltur and his friends Matilda and Darwin are back in this collection of three stories that help beginning readers understand funny everyday sayings—like trying not to paint yourself into a corner (easier said than done!), putting the cart before the horse (how backward can you get?), and letting sleeping dogs lie (not much good can come from waking up a cranky dog!). What kind of trouble will Waltur get himself into this time? How much the wiser will he be for it? 

Through giggle-inducing and enlightening trial and error, Waltur is about to find out more truths about life. And once again his good friends, Matilda and Darwin, are the voices of reason in contrast to Waltur’s antics. 

With tongue-in-cheek humor and very literal instruction, Waltur’s oopses and ah-ha's help little ones understand the quirks of language. The vivid colors and bubbly characters of Kristin Sorra’s visuals further the fun to be found in these silly sayings.

About the Author

Barbara Gregorich loves proverbs, particularly about animals, and especially about horses. She tries hard not to put the cart before the horse or to change horses in midstream—and she knows that’s the right way to behave because she heard it from the horse’s mouth. Barbara lives in Chicago with her husband. Learn more at www.barbaragregorich.com.

About the Illustrator

This is Kristin Sorra’s second book for Houghton Mifflin. She was thrilled to revisit Waltur and his friends, and though she painted a lot for this book, she is proud to say she never painted herself into a corner. Kristin lives in New York with her husband and their dog, who often lies sleeping.

Praise for WALTER

Praise for Waltur Buys a Pig in a Poke and Other Stories:

*“Gregorich's . . . prose tickles nascent readers while building their confidence. Sorra's  . . . chipper spot watercolors add just the right touch of comic visual stimuli.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The author makes excellent use of repetition, sight words, and engaging dialogue. . . . These clever and accessible tales will capture the interest of young readers.” —School Library Journal

“In an entertaining early-reader chapter book, Gregorich tells three funny animal stories that dramatize idioms and play with words in a cozy domestic setting . . . . The wordplay will appeal to kids as much as the wry outcomes.” —Booklist

Fun Dates

Be sure to keep in mind these fun (and often axiom-appropriate) dates!

AUGUST 26—NATIONAL DOG DAY: Every dog has his day—even if he chooses to spend it napping.

DECEMBER 14—NATIONAL DAY OF THE HORSE: Remember the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States.

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