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“We all have days . . . where we need to get away for a while . . . but you come back and appreciate the people around you." —Leo Landry

About the Book

And sometimes, decides Nicholas of Space Boy, you just need some peace and quiet. This world is too noisy for him. Time to take a trip. He packs a snack, puts on his suit, and takes off . . . to the utterly quiet craters and vast deserts of that distant orb.

The moon: Frank Sinatra sang about it. Every kid dreams of visiting it, in full astronaut gear, aboard a rumbling rocketship. What Nicholas finds, though, isn’t only adventure but something else—or perhaps nothing else: complete quiet. 

In his brief journey to the moon, Nicholas discovers the joy of solo time but also the peace of returning home to a family who loves him and a place that is familiar.

With minimalist art in rich colors and simple, gentle text, Space Boy is the perfect bedtime tale for young readers who dream imaginatively and enjoy a unique adventure. Younger children will delight in the vibrant tones and repetition of shapes, while kids and parents alike can share the loving message: Almost as good as the adventure is the sweet return home, and for Nicholas, a little escape goes a long way. 

About the Author

Leo Landry vividly remembers jumping off his family’s front porch as a child, while listening to the script of the first moon landing on his record player. This book grew out of that memory. Today, trips to the moon, real and imagined, still fascinate him. After spending twenty years as the manager of the Children’s Bookshop in Brookline, Massachusetts, Leo and his family moved somewhere quieter. They now live in a renovated 1880s barn in Easton, Massachusetts.

Praise for Leo Landry

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