Paul Roberts, best-selling author of The End of Oil, turns his attention to the modern food economy and finds that the system entrusted to meet our most basic needs is failing dramatically. In this carefully researched, vividly recounted narrative, Roberts lays out the stark economic realities beneath modern food—and shows how our system for making, marketing, and moving what we eat is growing less and less compatible with the billions of consumers that system was built to serve.

Roberts presents clear, stark visions of the future and helps us prepare to make the decisions -- personal and global -- we must make to survive the demise of food production as we know it.

Photo Credit: Karen Dickinson

"Everyone’s got to eat, and this spellbinding book makes it clear why that may be a problem in the years ahead. Paul Roberts, with his usual ability to analyze mountains of data in clear and coherent ways, helps provide a reasonable and powerful map of how we got ourselves into this fix, and how we might yet get ourselves out."
Bill McKibben