All submissions for The Best American Science and Nature Writing should be sent to:

Tim Folger Best American Science and Nature Writing
3617 Zia Drive
Gallup, New Mexico 87301

I hope that readers, writers, and editors will nominate their favorite articles for next year's anthology at The criteria for submissions and deadlines, and the address to which entries should be sent, can be found in the "news and announcements" forum on my web site. Once again this year I'm offering an incentive to enlist readers to scour the nation in search of good science and nature writing: Send me an article that I haven't found, and if the article makes it into the anthology, I'll mail you a free copy of next year's edition, signed by the guest editor. I'll even sign them as well, which will augment their value immeasurably. (A true statement, by the way, there being no measurable difference between copies signed or unsigned by me.) I also encourage readers to use the forums to leave feedback about the collection and to discuss all things scientific. The best way for publications to guarantee that their articles are considered for inclusion in the anthology is to place me on their subscription list, using the address posted in the news and announcements section of the forums.

All technical issues should be directed to