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The Best American Comics showcases the work of both established and up-and-coming contributors. Editor Neil Gaiman--one of the top writers in modern comics and the award-winning author of novels and children's books--has culled the best stories from graphic novels, pamphlet comics, newspapers, magazines, mini-comics, and the Internet to create this cutting-edge collection. With entries from luminaries such as Tim Hensley, Michael Kupperman, and Dash Shaw, "it's hard to flip through this book without finding a lot worth reading (and rereading)" (The Onion, A.V. Club).

Jessica Abel and MattMadden Foreword

Neil Gaiman Introduction

Omega the Unknown by Jonathan Lethem And Farel Dalrymple from Omega the Unknown
Ceci n'est pas une comic by Peter Kuper from Virginia Quarterly Review
Dave Lapp by Flytrap from Drop-In
Mixed Up Files by Gabrielle Bell from Bookforum
The Lagoon (hiding in the water) by : Lilli Carre from The Lagoon
The Daily Grand Prix and Forbidden Rooms by Ben Katchor from Metropolis
November 8-28, 2007 by James Kochalka from American Elf
The Alcoholic (excerpt) by Jonathan Ames And Dan Haspiel from The Alcoholic
Deep Space by John Pham from Sublife
Asterios Polyp (excerpt) by David Mazzucchelli from Asterios Polyp
Water! Electricity! Meat! by Gilbert And Mario Hernandez from Citizen Rex #2
Acme Novelty Library #19(excerpt) by ChrisWare from Acme Novelty Library #19
The Bank by : Derf from Punk Rock and Trailer Parks
Titanic Urination, Hooker Cookies, Duck Mom, Carrot Romance, Pumpkin Drummer, and Sleep Multiplication by Jesse Reklaw from The Night of Your Life
The Book of Genesis by Robert Crumb from The New Yorker
The War on Fornication by Peter Bagge from Everybody is Stupid Except for Me
Lobster Run by Fred Chao l from Johnny Hiro.
Ex-Communication by Todd Brower And Steve Macisaac from Book of Boy Trouble, Volume 2
Norman Eight's Left Arm by Theo Ellsworth from Sleeper Car
Trinity by Michael Cho from Taddle Creek
Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe (excerpt) by Bryan Lee O'Malley from Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe
The Flood (excerpt) by Josh Neufeld from A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge
Heard Some Distant Music by Lauren Weinstein I from Bookforum
You'll Never Know, Book One: A Good and Decent Man (excerpt) by C. Tyler from You'll Never Know, Book One: A Good and Decent Man
Fiction versus Non-fiction by : Chris Ware from Bookforum

Other distinguished submissions from September 1, 2008, to August 31, 2009, selected by series editors Jessica Abel and Matt Madden.

Adam Meuse from Social Insect,2009.
Adam Suerte from Aprendiz, no. 3, 2009.
Alex Holden West Side Improvements, from Syncopated 2009.
Alexey Sokolin Life,Interwoven, from Abstract Comics, 2009.
Anders Nilsen from Big Questions, no. 12, 2009.
Anders Nilsen from Monologues for Calculating the Density of Black Holes, 2009..
Andrei Molotiu Otherwise Untitled, from Nautilus, 2008.
Anuj Shrestha American Cat, from Rabid Rabbit, no. 10, 2009.
Aya Kakeda Delicious Soup of Horror, from Horror of Rabid Rabbit, no. 9. 2008.
Becky Cloonan I See the Devil in my Sleep, from MySpace Darkhorse Presents, no. 3. 2009.
Becky Cloonan AND Steven T. Seagle from American Virgin, 2008.
Brian Wood And Nathan Fox Random Fire, from DMZ: The Hidden War, 2008.
C.F. from Powr Mastrs, no. 2. 2009
Chris Onstad from The Great Outdoor Fight, 2008.
Corinne Mucha Growing Up Haunted, from Papercutter, no. 8, 2008.
Damien Jay Willy, from Papercutter, no. 10. 2009.
Danica Novogorodoff from Slow Storm, 2008.
Darwyn Cooke And Richard Stark from Parker: The Hunter, 2009.
Dash Shaw Sattelite CMYK, from MOME, no. 13, 2009.
David Lapham from Young Liars, 2008.
Derik Badman Flying Chief, from Abstract Comics, 2009.
Ellen Lindner Shams, Scams and Blind Faith, from Hey! 4-Eyes, no. 3, 2009.
Ezra Claytan Daniels A Circuit Closed, from MySpace Darkhorse Presents, no. 1. 2008.
Faith Erin Hicks from The War at Ellsmere, 2008.
Gary Sullivan Am I Emo?, from Poetry, 2009.
Helen Jo from Jin and Jan, no. 1. 2008.
Henrik Rehr from Reykjavik, 2009.
Hilary Florido, Prescription Strength, from Hey! 4-Eyes, no. 3. 2009.

J.T. Yost from Losers Weepers, 2009.
Jason Overby from Exploding Head Man, 2008.
Jason Viola from Sunward, 2009.
Jeff Smith from RASL #3, 2008.
Jeremy Tinder Pete At Night, from Papercutter, no. 8, 2008.
Jess Fink from We Can Fix It: A Time Travel Memoir, 2009.
Jesse Moynihan from Follow Me, 2009.
Jesse Reklaw from Ten Thousand Things to Do, no. 1-4. 2008-9.
Joe Kelly And Jm Kin Miimura from I Kill Giants, 2009.
Joeseph Lambert from Food/Fall, 2008.
John Hankiewicz The Offering, from Ghost Comics, 2009.
John Porcellino Silent Birds, from King Cat, no. 69, 2008.
Jonathan Dalton Lil' Ulysses in Chicago, from Funday Sunnies, 2009.
Jonathan Vankin And Seth Fisher Tokyo Days. from Vertigo Pop: Tokyo Days, Bangkok Nights, 2009.
Jordan Crane Vissisitude, from Uptight, no.3. 2009.
Josh Dysart And Ron Wimberly The Stain. from MySpace Darkhorse Presents, no. 3. 2009.
Josh Simmons Jesus Christ, from MOME, no. 13, 2009.
JP Coovert, Stephen Floyd, James Hindle, Alexis Frederick-FRrost, Joseph Lambert from Sword, 2008.
Keith Knight The K Chronicles, from MySpace Darkhorse Presents, no. 3. 2009.
Kevin Cannon from Far Arden, 2009.
Laura Park Office 32F, from MOME, no. 14, 2009.
Laura Park Sleep is for Suckers, from MOME, no. 13, 2009.
Maggie McKnight Swingin', from The Iowa Review, 2009.
Mark Chiarello from Wednesday Comics, nos. 1-6. 2009.
Mat Brinkman from Multiforce, 2009.
Mike Dawson Boy Scout Troop 142, from Awesome, no. 2. 2009.
Mike Mignola And Ben Stenbeck Murderous Intent, from MySpace Darkhorse Presents, no. 3, 2009.
Miriam Limbicki from Jobnik!, 2008.
Nathan Neal Delia's Love, from MOME, no. 15, 2009.
Nate Powell from Swallow Me Whole, 2008.
Neil Kleid And Nicholas Cinquegrani from The Big Kahn, 2009.
Nick Bertozzi How and Why to Bale Hay, from Syncopated 2009 .
Nicholas Breutzman My Town, from The Good Minnesotan, 2008.
Nicholas Breutzman from Yearbooks, 2009.

Paul Hoppe The Horror, from Horror of Rabid Rabbit, no. 9. 2008.

Ray Bradbury And Tim Hamilton from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: The Authorized Adaptation, 2009.
Rick Veitch And Gary Erskine from Army @ Love: Generation Pwned, 2008.
Sarah Oleksyk Previously Possessed, from MySpace Darkhorse Presents, no. 3, 2009.
Simon Roy from Jan's Atomic Heart, 2009.
Stan Sakai Saya, from MySpace Darkhorse Presents, no. 3, 2009.
Stan Sakai Traitors of the Earth, from Usagi Yojimbo, no. 117-9.
Theo Ellsworth from Capactiy, 2008.
Travis Dandro from Journal, 2009
Tom Motley, Editor from Made out of "Mac", 2009.
Victor Kerlow from Falling Sky.
Victor Kerlow from The Lumberjack. Gutter, 2009.
Warren Craghead III This is a Ghost, from Ghost Comics, 2009.
Warren Craghead III Un Caligramme, from Abstract Comics, 2009.
Will Dinski from Errand Service, 2009.