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June 29, 1999
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A taste of the magical moment
when the lights go out

Take two boys, a ferocious storm, and a towering elm, and you’ve got prime material for imaginative play, David Wiesner style. Hurricane is the semi-autobiographical story of two brothers who use a tree felled by a storm as the jumping-off place for wonderful games of make-believe. Even when the tree is cut up and hauled away, ending those games, the adventurous spirit fostered by the fallen giant remains.

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“. . . Another work to delight children and spark their imaginations. Wiesner’s detailed, exquisitely rendered paintings draw the reader into his story of a hurricane’s progress with all the sweep and immediacy of a film sequence. . . . This is an exuberant, absorbing slice of life.”Publishers Weekly

“This picture book explores imaginative extensions of reality, but is all the more involving for its basis in ordinary life. . . . Robust and real, this one is guaranteed to get them outdoors.” Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

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