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The Three Pigs  
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June 29, 1999
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The Three Pigs

Winner of the 2002 Caldecott Medal

The Three Pigs
A playful deconstruction of
a favorite nursery tale

Hold on to your hat and your home, but let your imagination soar. The Caldecott medalist’s latest masterly picture book will blow you away along with the pigs’ homes. Satisfying both as a story and as an exploration of story, The Three Pigs takes visual narrative to a new level. When the wolf comes a-knocking and a-puffing, he blows the pigs right out of the tale and into a whole new imaginative landscape, where they wander—and fly—through other stories, encountering a dragon and a cat with a fiddle, among others. This familiar tale will never be the same old story again.

The Wolf  
“Wiesner's dialogue and illustrations are clever, whimsical and sophisticated.” New York Times, Book Review

*“As readers have come to expect from the inventive works of Wiesner, nothing is ever quite as it seems in his picture books. . . . Wiesner's brilliant use of white space and perspective . . . evokes a feeling that the characters can navigate endless possibilities—and that the range of story itself is limitless.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

*“Witty dialogue and physical comedy abound in this inspired retelling of a familiar favorite.” School Library Journal, starred review

*“With this inventive retelling, Caldecott medalist Wiesner plays with literary conventions. . . . On the last few pages, the final words of the text break apart, sending letters drifting down into the illustrations to show us that once we have ventured out into the wider world, our stories never stay the same.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

The Three Pigs flying out of their story on a paper airplane

“I've had for years this idea of characters leaving a story and moving into the space behind the story...having the entire format of the book collapse and leave them standing in this sort of nether world
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ISBN 0-618-00701-6


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