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Patricia McMahon

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Dancing Wheels

• Photographs by John Godt
• Ages 7 — 12

Author Patricia McMahon takes us backstage with the Dancing Wheels dance company and into the lives of two young dancers — Jenny a "sit-down" dancer, and Devin a "stand-up" dancer. They are partners. McMahon has captured both the daily hard work and joyful moments in the studio as well as the incredible transformation among the dancers after months of preparation. Once onstage, a special, almost indescribable magic occurs — a dramatic choreography of wheels, arms, legs, color, costumes, lighting, music, and movement.

One Belfast Boy

• Photographs by Alan O'Connor
• Ages 7 — 12

Eleven-year-old Liam Leathem lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Despite the presence of tension and conflict around him, the sound of military helicopters whirring overhead, and the sight of soldiers in the street, Liam tries to live his life without being drawn into the conflict. In both pictures and words, McMahon and O'Connor have captured the innocence of a childhood lived in the shadow of a violence handed down for generations.

"This book provides a realistic glimpse of a place where peace has taken a fragile hold, and offers a reminder that the dreams of children can flourish amid misery." —Kirkus Reviews

Six Words, Many Turtles, and Three Days in Hong Kong

• Photographs by Susan Drinker
• Ages 7 — 12

"The book is an excellent slice of living theater — with the text rolling along, the full-color photographs sharp, the colors and array of sights blinding, and the mood disarmingly matter-of-fact and authentic." —Kirkus Reviews

"A captivating child's-eye view of a complex society poised for big changes." —Booklist

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